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Today’s cook is environmentally conscious and concerned about serving healthy meals that can be prepared quickly and served attractively.  You need tools and recipes that adapt to an often hectic lifestyle.  You want to shine as a hostess without spending all day in the kitchen.

Country Lane Kitchens can help!  You can count on us not only for products that work as they are supposed to (most have been personally tested and used by us), but also for any after-sales assistance you may need. 

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Tips, Quips, and Kitchen Bloopers
Soon after I had a home of my own, many kitchen "bloopers" happened but one specific one stands out...  Conditions were perfect - my husband and I were preparing a 100% home-cooked meal for a variety of guests coming the next day - including a "master griller" who always served the most amazing barbecued and smoked meats.  We figured we would do the ultimate - smoke a pork shoulder butt all day on the grill (with an amazing rub) and have pulled pork sandwiches and all the trimmings.
With a recipe from the local bbq joint, we had this one "in the bag!"  It would be mouth watering!  With the pork shoulder butt done and shredded (my - did it taste good!), we set to work on the homemade bbq sauce.  It had an ingredients list a mile  long and some of those ingredients were being used for the first time!!  Jalapeno peppers, cider vinegar, spicy brown mustard, cayenne pepper sauce..... Before long,  that sauce was simmering on the stove and smelled wonderful!!! (FYI: if you have any experience, you taste-test your food at this point!! We didn't!) 
With the sauce completed, we poured it over the smoked and shredder pork shoulder butt.  Into the slow cooker it all went, to keep warm, while we waited for the guests to arrive.  At this point, I lifted the lid to check the food and got some sauce on my fingers.  What did I do?  I licked it off my fingers and... ran for a drink of water to put out the fire in my mouth!!!! WHAT HAD WE DONE?? My husband, who enjoys hot and spicy foods, thought I was overreacting and tried some.... results were the same!!  Something went wrong somewhere.  We got out the recipe book and re-read the ingredients several times before it dawned on us - 1/4 cup of CAYENNE PEPPER SAUCE - we had put in 1/4 cup of CAYENNE PEPPER!!!