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Avant-Garde Egg Poacher

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Avant-Garde Egg Poacher
Item Number: 6520/20-A
Manufacturer: Catering Line
Price: $55.99

Space can be tight in your kitchen which is why we love products that have many uses. The Avant Garde Egg Poacher is a 20cm sauté pan with glass lid that is a perfect size for everyday cooking - from sautéing onions to warming soup. What makes it special is the insert tray that holds four non-stick egg cups to create perfectly poached eggs with very little mess or clean-up needed.


- multi-purpose sauce pan with removable egg cups and tray
- 7 piece set includes pan, lid, insert, and 4 egg cups
- 8" (20cm) sauté pan
- 18/10 stainless steel pan
- heavy base for even heating
- tempered glass lid
- non-stick egg cups
- 25 year warranty
- dishwasher safe

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