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Best Flat/Roux Whisk

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Best Manufacturers Flat Whisk
Best Manufacturers Flat WhiskBest Manufacturers Flat WhiskBest Manufacturers Flat Whisk
Manufacturer: Best Manufacturers Inc.
Price: From $22.99 to $32.99

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For over 50 years, Best Manufactures Inc. has been a three generation manufacturer of small housewares. Their facility in Portland, OR is the self-proclaimed "whisk capitol of the world".  They focus on quality and workmanship, and once you compare them to other whisks you can see that not all whisks are created equal. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, all Best Whisks are made to stand up to the rigors of your kitchen. Wires used in their whisk are a high tensile stainless steel, allowing them to bend and flex but still return to their original shape. Stainless steel handles let you keep a solid grip on the whisk. Once the wires are attached into the handle, the final step is to seal them with an food safe epoxy, ensuring that no moisture, food, or bacteria can find its way into the handle. All Best Whisks are manufactured to the specifications of the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation), the recognized authority in professional kitchen equipment, making these the most sanitary whisks on the market.

Flat/Roux whisk

Even though flat whisks are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a whisk, they do jobs that regular balloon whisks cannot do. The Best Flat Whisk is designed for deglazing or making pan gravies in shallow pans or skillets. The unique, flattened shape of the whisks perfectly follows the bottom of a skillet, making sure that no spot is missed. The slight up turn on the end of the wires provides a comfortable fit in your hand while mixing and puts all the mixing power where it is needed on the bottom of the pan. With fewer, slightly stiffer wires and a more open design, the flat whisk is the easiest way to blend melted butter and flour when making a roux.


- three sizes available
- 8" mini flat/roux whisk - wires 4.75" (12cm) long, handle 3.25" (8.1cm) long
- 10" flat/roux whisk - wires 6" (15.1cm) long, handle 4" (10cm)
- 12" flat/roux whisk - wires 8" (12.5cm) long, handle  4" (10cm)
- high tensile steel wires snap back in place
- uniform wire spacing for a more effective whipping
- hermetically sealed with epoxy making them completely hygienic and sanitary
- dishwasher safe
- rust proof
- made in the USA


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