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Better Zester

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Better Zester
Better ZesterBetter ZesterBetter ZesterBetter ZesterBetter ZesterBetter ZesterBetter Zester
Manufacturer: Kitchen!Q
Price: $28.99

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Over 300 V-etched teeth and a non-stick coating on the Better Zester allow you to effortlessly glide over the surface of rough citrus fruits. The blade and handle are ergonomically designed for minimal hand and wrist strain. The non-stick coating helps the zest slide into the collection trough which is calibrated for measurement. A one-of-a-kind squeegee cleans the back side of the blade as it moves the zest for deposit directly into your dish, or to be stored for later use. You get fine, even zest without any of the bitter pith.
- 12.5" (31.7cm) total length
- 5.75" x 1" (14.6cm x 2.5cm) blade surface
- measurements in milliliters (marked at 10ml and 20ml) and tablespoons (marked at 1/3, 2/3, 1, 1 1/3, 1 2/3 and 2 Tbsps)
- available in green and black
- stainless-steel v-etched blade
- dishwasher safe

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