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Bosch Universal Mixer Bowl Scraper

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Item Number: MUZ6BS1
Manufacturer: NutriMill
Price: $47.99
Are you tired of ingredients getting stuck on the centre column and side of your bowl and having to scrape the sides with a spatula? The Bowl Scraper attaches to the top of your cookie paddles, cake paddles or wire whips to scrape along the side of your bowl and center column as your ingredients mix together.

Tip: Before attaching your whisks/paddles and bowl scraper wipe the edge and centre column of the bowl with oil, butter or margarine to lubricate so the scrapers run smoothly.
- for use with Bosch Universal Classic, Universal Plus, and NutriMill Artiste mixers
- includes extra set of scrapers
- BPA free
- 1 year warranty
- made in the USA

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