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How to Create a Registry

1.) Set up an account by registering as a new customer.
  • Enter details as required and select "Create an Account".
2.) This will take you to the My Account section.
  • Select the Manage Shopping List link.
  • Select Create a New List.
  • Give the list a name. We recommend giving it the title of Wedding Registry.
  • The personal information option shows first name, last name and location.
  • If you would like both of your names to be shown, enter one name in each field. This will allow the name to appear as her name / his name as well as the registry can be searched for by any one of the names listed.
  • Enter where the wedding will be held in the location field. 
  • Select the event name and enter the event date.
3.) Select the Privacy Setting you desire.
  • A public registry allows users of the website to view your complete registry list by entering your name(s) into the Shopping List search tool.
  • A private registry is only available to persons with whom you choose to share your list.
4.) Once you have entered the information required, select SAVE.  You will be re-directed to the Manage Shopping Lists page.
5.) The Manage Shopping Lists page allows you to:
  • View the products you have added to your registry by selecting the title of your list.
  • Change shopping list details by selecting the Edit link.
  • Share your registry by selecting the Email to a friend link.

*You need to be logged in to add products to your registry.

Add Products to Your Registry

You are now ready to select the items and the quantity of each item that you would like to appear in your registry. If you don't know where to start, our registry consultants have created a start-up package which includes the basic essentials needed in every kitchen.  You do not have to add each item in the start-up package to your registry. Additional items can be added as you browse through the site, creating a personalized registry that reflects your wishes. 
1.) Make sure you are logged in; this allows you to add items to your registry.
2.) Products are added to your registry, one item at a time.
  • Go to the product page.
  • Select Add to Wedding Registry (or whichever title you have given your list).
  • You will be redirected to your list where you can view all the items in your registry.
  • Select Continue Shopping to add the next item to your list.
3.) Once you have finished adding items to your registry, you are ready to share it with your family and friends.
  • You can add more items at any time.