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Brushtech Straw Washing Brush

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Brushtech Straw Washing Brush
Brushtech Straw Washing BrushBrushtech Straw Washing BrushBrushtech Straw Washing Brush
Item Number: BT23C-NA
Manufacturer: Brushtech Brushes Inc.
Price: $9.99
Bacteria has nowhere to hide with the Straw Cleaning Brush from the experts at Brushtech Brushes Inc. The thin metal wand is flexible enough to clean around corners and into the smallest openings. Stiff yet pliable bristles will even scrub away dried on residue.


- 18" (45cm) total length
- 1" (3cm) brush length, approximately 1/8" (1cm) bristle diameter
- cleans straws up to 12" (30cm) in length
- made in the USA

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