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CDN Combo Probe Thermometer, Timer, and Clock

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CDN Combo Probe, Thermometer, and Clock
Item Number: 88-DTTC-S-BR
Manufacturer: CDN
Price: $63.99
The CDN Combo Probe Thermometer, Timer, and Clock takes the guesswork out of cooking in your oven, barbeque, and smoker. Insert the stainless steel probe into your meat and connect it to the thermometer via a 3' long cable that is both resistant to squishing and high temperatures. This ingenious thermometer shows you the current temperature of the item you are cooking and either the final cooking temperature wanted or a preset time. You can see at a glance the internal temperature, making it easy to monitor progress without having to open the lid or oven door resulting in the loss of heat and smoke. The Combo Probe can also be used to ensure that your leftovers have cooled down quickly, safely and thoroughly.


- combination thermometer, kitchen timer, and clock
- use for oven roasting, grilling, smoking, candy making, deep frying, and more
- for use in ovens, smokers, barbeques, and deep fryers
- temperature range from 14°F to 392°F (-10°C to 200°C)
- 6" (15cm) stainless steel probe
- 3' (91.4cm) sensor cable is heat resistant to 400°F (204°C)
- stainless steel clip 
- last count recall
- large, easy to read digital display
- dual temperature displays both the set and actual temperatures 
- display can be mounted using either magnet or stand
- timer will count both up and down
- choose between 12-hour or 24-hour clock
- uses 1 AAA battery (included)
- 5 year limited warranty

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