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Chocolate Mallow Melts

chocolate mallow melts

On a sharpened stick or a S’mores GloStix skewer, place:
  • 1 large marshmallow
  • 1 chocolate chunk/mini bar (Aero, Mars or a truffle centered chocolate work best)
Carefully roast your marshmallow so that you don’t lose your chocolate. When your marshmallow is golden brown remove from fire. Loosely grab the golden skin of the marshmallow and pull it like a sleeve over the chocolate (careful, it may be hot).
Enjoy your marshmallow coated chocolate!

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Emoji Baking Liners
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Joseph Joseph Gusto Flavor Infusing Spoon
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Rada White Chocolate Raspberry Sweet Dip Mix
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S'mores GloStix
Price: $4.99
S'mores GloStix
The S'mores GloStix™ unique glow in the dark handle makes it easy to find your stick at night and around the campfire. Made of environmentally friendly bamboo you can use your S'mores GloStix to toast marshmallows all weekend.