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Danish Dough Whisk

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Danish Dough Whisk
Danish Dough WhiskDanish Dough Whisk
Item Number: 5836-F
Manufacturer: Fox Run
Price: $12.99

This simple old-time dough whisk has been used in kitchens for years, and with good reason. No other whisk, spoon or hand tool does such a thorough and efficient job of stirring, mixing, and blending. The strong wires are attached to a long, sturdy handle, giving lots of leverage for working heavy batters. The design and tension of the wires makes mixing ingredients better and faster. When you need to incorporate dry ingredients without over beating, this is the tool to use. You will get the lightest, most tender biscuits, muffins, pancakes, pastries, batter, breads, buns and gluten-free baked goods.


- 7.5" (20cm) long handle
- heavy gauge, stainless steel wire
- hand wash only
- use food grade mineral oil or wood conditioning product on the handle as needed to prevent wood handle from drying out

*other sizes and styles of dough whisks are available, please contact us for current selection

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