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Nespresso Coffee

Once you taste really good coffee, you will wonder how you ever drank the ordinary.  Whether you want an eye popping espresso, full bodied decaf, frothy cappuccino, steamy latte, con-panna, iced cappuccino, or more, you can have it faster than coffee shop speed, customized to your taste.  At 19 bars of pressure, (more than many commercial machines) the Nespresso produces a thick "crema" to retain all the flavour and aroma that is so much a part of the coffee experience. 

Nespresso coffee capsules are made from the world's best coffee. There are 16 varieties: 10 Espresso Grands Crus, 3 Lungo Grand Crus, and 3 Decaffeinated.  You deal directly with the company who ships the capsules to you.
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Cappuccino Duster Set
Cappuccino Duster Set
Price: $35.99
Cappuccino Duster Set
That finishing touch for your latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and more. Simple to use; just hold the duster set over your cup, turn the knob and you get a perfect dusting of one of 3 designs.