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Fibrox Pro 6" Boning Knife

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Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6" Boning Knife
Manufacturer: Victorinox Swiss Army
Price: $40.99

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For over 130 years the Victorinox Swiss Army company has been creating world class knives and cutlery for professionals and home chef's alike.

Originally the Fibrox Pro knife line from Victorinox was designed for professionals such as butchers and culinary chefs who use a knife constantly throughout the day. With the increased interest in home cooking and gourmet recipes, these knives are now used by everyone. The non-slip ‘Fibrox’ handles are ergonomically designed to improve safety and comfort. Each blade is forged from lightweight carbon steel to further reduce arm and wrist fatigue, which is especially important if you are doing continual or long-term cutting/chopping etc. Carbon steel will hold its edge but is also easy to sharpen when needed. Keep your knives with their original razor sharp edge and store in a knife block or protective cover. A sharp knife is not only safer to use but a great time saver.
Perfectly slice, clean, and carve red meat, poultry, and fish with the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6" Boning Knives. These straight edge knives feature a slight curve to the blade that follows the natural lines of the meat allowing for precise cuts and close-to-the-bone trimming. Choose your blade to be flexible, semi-stiff, or stiff - you can have the exact amount of flex to the blade that works best for you, your cutting style, and the meat that you will be cutting most often. The stiff boning knife has a rigid blade and allows you precise control when cutting through tendons, fat, and bones. Fishermen love the flexible blade as it bends and flexes to slice the thinnest fillets. The Semi-flexible blade gives you the best of both with enough rigidity for performing most butchering tasks while remaining flexible enough to slice thin fish fillets, and precise cuts.
- 6" (15.5cm) blade length

- 11.25" (29cm) total length

- straight edge

- easy to sharpen carbon steel blade

- non-slip ergonomic handle

- handle is constructed of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

- dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended

- limited lifetime warranty

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