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Flat Skewers

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Stainless Steel Flat Skewers
Stainless Steel Flat SkewersStainless Steel Flat SkewersStainless Steel Flat Skewers
Item Number: 8775-N
Manufacturer: Norpro
Price: $29.99
This set of 6 Stainless Steel Flat Skewers proves that flat is better than round when it comes to skewers. When turning a flattened skewer, all your food will turn together unlike a round skewer which food can spin in place (we are looking at you tomatoes!) which results in one side being over cooked or even burnt. These skewers have a wide, flat surface that helps to distribute heat to the center of food resulting in more even cooking and no raw centers. The sharp tip makes it quick and easy to fill your skewers without squishing more delicate items and the rigid steel will not bend or flex no matter how big your kabobs are. The large rounded loop is easy to grab and turn on the grill, cools quickly, and can be used to hang the skewers for storage.

- set of 6 skewers
- 12.5" x .38" (32cm x .9cm)
- stainless steel
- sharp ends
- looped handle for easier turning
- handle loops can be used to store skewers
- dishwasher safe

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