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Specialty Food

Put the “WOW” factor into your cooking and entertaining. Use taste-tingling, eye-catching, palate-pleasing non-perishables from Country Lane Kitchens. Our extensive line of sauces, sweet and savory dip mixes, decorations, spices and condiments will enhance the flavour and presentation of your food. Try the incredible edible WILD HIBISCUS FLOWERS imported from Australia and dress up your champagne glasses or decorate desserts. 

For the healthiest bread and baked goods, we carry a line of Western wheat, along with SAS INSTANT YEAST and DOUGH ENHANCER. ALPINE TOUCH spices made in Montana are great flavour boosters with good nutrition in mind. Our best seller, Alpine Touch Light is full of flavour but with 1/8th of the sodium that is in table salt.

RADA, another American company which makes our favourite cutting utensils, makes soup, sauce and dip mixes. With the large selection of both sweet and savoury mixes, you can make great dishes for family meals or entertaining. 

To round out our food options, try locally-made Saskatchewan products. Absolutely delicious are the Sour Cherry Sauces and Preserves (Saskatchewan's own). A popular recent addition is GRAVELBOURG MUSTARD. Harvested under the bright Saskatchewan sun, Gravelbourg mustard seeds are specially formulated into 8 distinct flavor blends to add a gourmet touch to all your meals. Warning: These could become addicting! 

Use these food items and more to perfect that added touch that takes your food preparation from ordinary to impressive.   




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