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Kitchen Tools

Country Lane Kitchens has everything you need to make, bake and serve - tools that work - from some of the world's most reliable brands - KUHN RIKON, JOSEPH JOSEPH, NORPRO, WILTON, HUTZLER, GOURMAC, RICARDO, CUISINOX, NORDIC WARE, CUISIPRO, TOVOLO, RADA, CDN, GEFU, BEST, MARCATO, OXO GOOD GRIPS, ZYLISS and more.  Bamboo, nylon, stainless steel and silicone all have their place in the kitchen scene.  We have sorted out which is best for which task.  Our hands-on experience has helped us to eliminate some of the everyday frustration that can be the result of a poor quality utensil or the wrong tool for the job. 
Take spatulas for example.  You will want a flexible one for scraping a bowl clean, a more rigid one for mixing heavy batters and a long narrow one for reaching into tall bottles.  There is no use in buying a high-heat resistant silicone spatula when the handle isn't heat resistant. It will warp or melt if you leave it in a hot pan.  We're pretty picky on details.



Baking Utensils 

Baking Utensils


Bowls / Colanders / Strainers

Canning and Preserves 

Canning / Preserves

Cooking and Prep Utensils 

Cooking / Prep Utensils

Cutting Boards 

Cutting Boards

Fruit, Vegetable, and Salad 

Fruit / Vegetables / Salad

Grate and Slice 

Grate / Slice

International Tools 

International Cooking

Lifter, Spatulas, and Whisks 

Lifters / Spatulas / Whisks

Measuring Tools 

Measuring Tools

Meat, Cheese, Seafood 

Meat / Cheese / Seafood

Pasta Making Tools 

Pasta Making Tools



Shakers / Mills

Specialty Tools


Specialty Tools

Timers and Thermometers


Timers / Thermometers