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Kuhn Rikon Corn Zippers

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Kuhn Rikon 'Y' Corn Zipper
Kuhn Rikon 'Y' Corn ZipperKuhn Rikon 'Y' Corn ZipperKuhn Rikon Original Corn ZipperKuhn Rikon Original Corn Zipper
Manufacturer: Kuhn Rikon
Price: From $23.49 to $27.95

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Zip! and rows of corn come off the cob. The Original Corn Zipper has two-pronged teeth, on the back.  It cuts kernels off the cob as you pull it down the rows.
The 'Y' Corn Zipper removes more corn at a time; it removes 3 to 4 rows at a time.
- original corn zipper: 7" (17.7cm) length, stainless steel
- Y corn zipper: 6" (15.2cm) length, includes protective sheath, stainless-steel teeth with plastic handle
- removes whole kernel
- teeth cut between kernel and cob - does not bite into cob
- for right or left handed use

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