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Panini Grill Press

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Panini Grill Press by Outset
Panini Grill Press by OutsetPanini Grill Press by OutsetPanini Grill Press by Outset
Item Number: 76609-F
Manufacturer: Outset
Price: $41.99
The cast iron Panini Grill Press helps bacon to cook evenly, presses out excess fat from hamburgers, and allows you to create delicious grilled panini sandwiches. Bacon, ham, and pork chops tend to curl while cooking, causing part of your food to be overdone and part undercooked. By adding the weight of the Panini Grill Press you significantly shorten the cooking time and keeps all the meat in contact with the grill. Pre-heat the press for even faster cooking so meat will cook from both sides at once with no need to turn. The ribbed surface will put grill marks on your finished product. Use when cooking hamburgers, steaks, chops, bacon, chicken, and for crispy no-flip hash browns. This press has the added feature of a metal handle instead of wood so it can safely go from your house to the barbecue or campfire. 


- 9" x 9" x 4" (23cm x 23cm x 10cm)
- 5.5lb (2.5kg)
- pre-seasoned cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel construction
- ribbed surface
- coiled handle design cools quickly

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