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Regency Wraps Roasting Bags

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Regency Wraps Roasting Bags
Regency Wraps Roasting BagsRegency Wraps Roasting Bags
Item Number: RW1000-NA
Manufacturer: Regency Wraps
Price: $12.99
Regency Wraps Roasting Bags are the answer to deliciously moist roasted meat. When you use a Roasting Bag your roasts, turkeys, etc. baste themselves in their own juices and all the flavours surround and penetrate the meat fully. The bags are simple to use, just season, stuff, and prepare as you normally would, open the Roasting Bag fully and place on roasting pan for support. Place the meat or vegetables into the bag and close the bag with the provided tie, making sure that there is plenty of air in the bag. Cut 4 or 5 small slits in the top of the bag to allow the excess steam to vent and better browning. The best part is once supper is finished, throw the bag out and save the hours of clean up of burnt on food and grease.


- contains 2 bags, each bag is large enough to cook a 24lb turkey
- for use with beef, poultry, pork, seafood, vegetables and more
- approximately 24" x 20" (61cm x 51cm)
- includes bag ties
- includes recipe for Auntie Ann's Easy Old Fashioned Turkey
- for use in the oven (up to 425°F) and microwave
- made in the USA

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