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Rice Cooker

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Ricardo Rice Cooker
Ricardo Rice CookerRicardo Rice Cooker
Item Number: 062260-RI
Manufacturer: Ricardo
Price: $74.99

If rice is on your menu, you will definitely want Ricardo’s automatic 7 program Rice Cooker. This wonderful pot cooks virtually all types of rice to perfection: white, brown, sushi and basmati rice, as well as pilaf and quinoa. A separate steam basket can be used for steaming vegetables. Ingredients can be sautéed directly in the cooking pot (before adding rice) to enhance flavours. The timer counts up to keep track of time and then it automatically shifts to keep warm – for up to 12 hours. The lid clamps on tightly, and lets steam escape through a vent.  Easy, convenient, foolproof with a non-stick cooking pot, it is almost impossible to either burn or overcook the rice.  


- 7 automatic cooking functions: white, brown, sushi, basmati, quinoa, pilaf, and steam
- maximum capacity of 20 cups cooked rice
- includes rice paddle and measuring cup 
- vegetable steaming basket included
- once cook time is completed, it automatically switches and holds at the 'warm' setting for up to 12 hours
- backlit digital control panel
- brushed stainless steel exterior
- includes complete cooking instructions, steaming times, and recipes
- non-stick cooking pot and all removable accessories are dishwasher safe
- 2 year limited warranty

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