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SousVide Supreme Stainless Steel Water Oven

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Once the domain of celebrity chefs and award winning restaurants, now sous vide cooking (pronounced soo-veed, meaning under vacuum) can be done in your own home with the SousVide Supreme stainless steel water oven. Save time, money and energy (yours and your power bills)! The method is child’s play – the result is gourmet! Your food is vacuum sealed and placed in the water oven at a precisely controlled temperature. The SousVide water oven can be used for cooking many different types of food to perfection. Foods characteristically cook for hours, not minutes. Once your food is sealed and placed in the SousVide Supreme water oven, you can forget about it. It cannot become dry or be overcooked because it never gets hotter than the target temperature, plus all the juices and nutrients are sealed in the pouch. You no longer have to fit your schedule around mealtime - fit mealtime into your schedule!
SousVide Supreme Stainless Steel Water Oven Package with vacuum sealer and cut-to-size continuous food-safe rolls.
If you do not already have a vacuum sealer, this special package deal includes the SousVide water oven, VS3000 vacuum sealer, 5 quart size pouches, 5 gallon size pouches and the Easy SousVide Cookbook.
- stainless steel lid, interior, and brushed stainless steel exterior.

- 13lbs (5.9kg)

- 3 gallon (11.2 litre) water capacity

- 36"l x 29"w x 29"h (14.2cm x 11.4cm x 11.4cm)

- holds 20 - 4oz (115gram) pouches or equivalent (i.e. fewer large pouches)

- digital backlit display and timer

- precise temperature control using highly technical PID technology for accuracy

- recessed handles on oven body and lid for easy handling

- lid doubles as carrying tray or “keep warm” pan while oven is in use (hot).

- universal pouch rack may be used in three positions to separate cooking pouches

- perforated bottom grill with handles for easy removal, generates thermal convection cooking

- insulating lid blanket doubles as a hot pad

- detachable power cord

- user manual, recipes, quick reference chart and instructional DVD
- 850W
- 1 year limited warranty
FEATURES: (the new VS3000 Vacuum Sealer)
- purchase individually or with the SousVide Water Oven package
- designed specifically for sous vide cooking and everyday food packaging
- 15”l x 4”w x 4.2”h (38cm x 10cm x 10.6cm)
- includes 12 cooking pouches
- large variety of vacuum bags or continuous individual rolls available
- strong, compact and easy to use
- extra wide, teflon coated heat seal
- cancel button
- easy to clean vacuum channel to catch moisture overflow

- dry and moist function buttons

- normal and gentle suction feature

- seal only option for making pouches

- detachable power cord
- user's manual
- 110W
- 1 year limited warranty

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