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The Original Brown Sugar Bear

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The Original Brown Sugar Bear
Item Number: SB54923-NA
Manufacturer: Sugar Bears Inc.
Price: $5.49
No kitchen should be without The Original Brown Sugar Bear. Soak your bear in water for 20 minutes, pat dry and place in a sealed container with your brown sugar to say goodbye to lumpy, hard brown sugar. Every three months take your bear out, soak and place back in the container. Put a damp brown sugar bear in your raisins, coconut, popcorn and other dried goods to keep them fresh. Even one placed in your bag of licorice can keep it soft and chewy. 
If humidity is a problem you can also use the brown sugar bear to keep foods such as salt from clogging or crackers from going soggy. Dry your sugar bear in the oven and when cool, place it in with your spices, salt, crackers, pretzels and chips to keep excess moisture away. With so many uses, you better get two.
- 2.5" x 2" (6.5cm x 5cm)
- terracotta 
- reusable
- rinse and soak only in clean, fresh water
- made in Canada

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