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The Original ChopStir™

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The Chopstir
The ChopstirThe ChopstirThe ChopstirThe Chopstir
Manufacturer: ChopWare Inc.
Price: $11.99

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The ChopStir™ is especially useful when browning ground beef. It breaks up and mixes your meat as it is browning, speeding up the process and giving you a fine, evenly cooked finished product. Even if your meat is partly frozen, it speeds up the process by breaking up the chunks.
Other uses: mix up frozen juice in a fraction of the time - break up graham wafers and cookies for dessert crusts or toppings - chop soft fruits and vegetables for chunky sauces, chutney and salsa etc. - easily blend and mix your stuffing and meatballs - use it to lightly imprint lines on icing or rich bars to cut into small even squares.
- 10" (25cm) tall
- easy to hold and use
- sturdy design
- safe for non-stick surfaces
- BPA free
- dishwasher safe
- made in the USA

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