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The Pit Master Sizzle Lighter

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The Pit Master Sizzle Lighters
The Pit Master Sizzle LightersThe Pit Master Sizzle LightersThe Pit Master Sizzle LightersThe Pit Master Sizzle LightersThe Pit Master Sizzle LightersThe Pit Master Sizzle Lighters
Manufacturer: Sizzle Lighters
Price: $36.99

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Say goodbye to wasteful disposable lighters, frustrating and smelly to refill butane lighters, matches that blow out in the wind and make space to welcome the Pit Master Sizzle Lighter. This is no ordinary lighter. It is 100% flameless, windproof, rechargeable and easy to use. Sizzle Lighters use an electrical arc to ignite anything that a regular barbecue lighter will light (eg. candles, incense, mosquito coils, barbecues, pilot lights and more) and get their name from the 'sizzle' sound they make. The Lithium-ion battery ignites about 100 times on a charge and is easily recharged using the included USB charging cord and any USB port. The long, narrow design will easily reach into small or narrow spaces such as tall candle holders and the pilot lights of stoves and furnaces. Although it is not recommended to store your Sizzle Lighter in extreme temperatures, the lighter will still ignite even in cold winter temperatures. 


- 9" (22cm) long
- on/off switch is easy on your fingers
- LED lights show charge level at a glance
- automatically shuts off after 7-12 seconds of ignition to avoid overheating
- Lithium-ion battery
- USB charging cable included
- gift boxed

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